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Photography Questions

Q. What process do you use to enhance or treat your images?

A. This super difficult to share in a sentence or two. I have studied photography for over 50 years and made it my life's mission to be better than anyone else. You have to start with the basics and really understand lighting and exposure, and learn to push those boundaries first. There is no quick and easy way that I'm aware of..

Q. What type of camera do you use?

A. This might surprise the heck out of you, I use mostly Sony gear, as a few of the older MINOLTA lenses fit and work very nicely. My go to for flowers is my Sony A-77, it serves me well and takes really nice photos. I went about 10 years without buying a new camera, telling myself "keep it real and inexpensive" this last year we acquired SONY A7 III, and we sure love it!

Art Work / Sales Questions

Q. What type of art do you make or offer?

A. Original works, are the master image(s) for each series and printed on Acrylic glass. These 30x40 inch exhibition pieces are a body of work of six(6) glass prints. Only prints 1-5 are available for acquisition or exhibition. Our original works are primarily available for loan to art loving venues and museums, and are not available until the AFA (available for acquisition) date, generally 6 months from initial release. Print number 6 in each series, is our discretional print that we make available to an organization, person, or charity as a gift

We also offer limited edition / signed prints in only 16x20. Each edition is limited to 250 prints. Each print is produced on a printed, using the finest pigmented inks on art paper. Each print is signed and comes with a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) prints are generally sold through galleries and venues that our art appears. The number 1 print in each series maybe pre-purchased @ $200 + Tax, we begin accepting reservations 1 minute after midnight on the date posted...please see the Bloom page for pre sales.

Standard prints come in 8x10 or 16x20, and maybe purchased though our ETSY store. They are unsigned and delivered directly from our printing company. 

Q. What are pre-sales? 

A. Pre-sales are reservations made for the first limited edition print made for each Bloom print. Please remember each BLOOM series is 5 different images i.e. 5 Dahlias, 5 Roses etc.. Please see the BLOOM page for release dates.

A. Do you ever perform commissioned work?

Q. Yes I do but it depends on my very busy schedule and when I can take on your project and how involved it might be. I don't do people, weddings etc..

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