Bloom is series of  five 20x30 Acrylic Glass Prints produced by Gordy Lee 4 times per year and limited to one (1) of each image. Each series is made as a result of a photographic study shot over many days, reviewed and maybe shot again. The final 5 prints become the bloom images for that series, and only 5 acrylic exhibition  prints are ever made for that body of work.

From BLOOM 2018/19

BLOOM 2020 /20121 Schedule

OCT 2020 Dapper Dahlias - Flower photography from Connells Dahlia Farm Tacoma, Wa

JUNE 2021 Tantalizing Tulips - All images from the Skagit Tulip Festival

AUGUST 2021 ROCK'n Roses - Portland Oregon Rose Festival Championship Roses

JANUARY 2022 MOUNTAIN MADNESS - Mount Rainier National Park  Wild Flwers

Would you like to curate or host BLOOM ?

Bloom is available and depending on the location we can usually schedule and show the exhibition for free or next to nothing, please contact us for more information. Included in the show, is usually souvenir books, coffee mugs, greeting cards, and signed 16x20 prints, as a fund raiser for the hosting organization. Email us at info@gordylee.com

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