Rock’n the Flowers

As you might guess COVID has thrown a huge damper on traveling and doing anything flower related. We are based in Washington State, and I guess blessed to be here even with all the huge restrictions and requirements. Our staff has gone the extra mile to keep working and “grow” our business; given the restrictions on Agra-tourism and parks and gardens that we would normally visit in any other season. On my home property that we happily call “Rainy Acres,” we do grow our flowers that we can shoot photos of, and have friends and family that also like to share with us.

Our state did finally arrive at a level of opening that we could finally venture out and get some really nice Dahlia photos; our favorite! We made a few trips out to Connells and to the Tacoma Dahlia test gardens, one of the best in the area. We are full steam ahead right now and getting ready for the October release of our next “BLOOM” show. I really do need to thank my wonderful team and all of their excellent work and support! 

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