BLOOM status

As you can imagine this has been one hell of a year with COVID and forest fire smoke limiting alot of things, including photography and just generally being outdoors in public places. Here in Washington we finally got to a place with the COVID numbers to where we could get outside and shoot some really awesome flowers. This in preparation for BLOOM the team shot over 10,000 dahlia photos, to find the best images to use. In total, we have had 10 separate photoshoots adding up to over 100 hours, with trips to flower fields in Oregon and Washington driving about 2000 miles to find the perfect BLOOM.

In the month of October, we screen and edit all the images, as of today, we have arrived at the final 100. Hopefully, within a week, we can have a final 10, and then 6 and then another week in post-production, with final edits. We plan to make the big announcement on October 30th, of the final images and share with the world our final images. In the month of November and December, we will move into the Lab and begin the process of transferring the images to 20x30 acrylic glass panels. Hopefully, BLOOM will be ready for public viewing by the first of the year! I want to thank my awesome staff for their dedication and hard work. I also need to thank my many fans for hanging in there with us…cheers Gordy

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