Another Day

WE are living in some uncertain times for sure, but I strongly feel better times are ahead. As for us, we have had to adjust for COVID, our show schedule is currently on hold with no real idea of when we can safely engage with the public once again. We however have been busy with safely shooting flowers and improving on the way we do business. We are located near Tacoma Washington and we have been very close to wildfires and all the dangers that come with it, the worst is the air that we have to breathe. It could be several weeks before we can expose any of our crew to on-location photoshoots, with that being said; fall will be here soon and any hope of shooting outdoors will have to wait until spring.

Huge for us during COVID, Our studio was moved a few months ago to our new lakefront location affording us more room and an awesome place to create. We also moved this site, I was a die-hard fan of Zenfolio for many years after an evening of frustration uploading photos, we relocated to and could not be happier! In the near term future, I plan to release a new book, entitled “BLOOM” is will be the print version of our new gallery show “BLOOM.” If you would like learn more about BLOOM click here! 

As always, thank you for your support and be safe! Gordy

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