The Big Roll Out?

You might ask why I haven’t flooded my website with my cyanotype creations and mass unveilings etc.. the big reason for me right now is, we are in the process of negotiating with gallery owners and others who will display my work(s). If I do too much sharing, our partner venues become affected and the art “is swept under the rug” so to speak. We hope to have some word in the coming weeks regarding the “seaweed collection”  and a California or Seattle Gallery. By the end of the year, I hope to release the very majestic “Wallscapes Collection.” Please feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you! Gordy

Gordy’s Back !

In early 2020 we all got surprised with the Coronavirus, for me it was sort of the beginning of the end. I had to discontinue making art with my students Veterans, making my own art, and worse of all closing my shop and moving equipment into storage, canceling a summer of art shows and events …it was soon to be the end of the world! I stood in long lines to buy essentials and look out for my family; at 63 years old, I felt for sure mankind was doomed and out of toilet paper!

Good news, so far….the Corona has skimmed my family, yeah a few of us got sick, but it wasn’t what we figured. We are all ok, vaccinated, and ready to move on and get some art back in our lives. I have resumed teaching, as of May this year, and reopened my art studio, on our property that we affectionately refer to as “Rainy Acres.”  As a printmaker, a few things are absolutely essential, room to work, cleanliness (dust is bad), and fresh running water. The home studio was reorganized, sterilized of and dust and dirt (I used to build furniture in the same space) and I had to deal with a  10-year-old plumbing problem (leaking pipe I chose to ignore) and a sink was installed…we are ready!! 

Up first, is a cyanotype series that I like to call “under and above” a study of seagrasses that grow under and above water, my 100% hope is we will all realize that the sea and its plant’s and grasses are fragile, and are needed for everything else in the sea to survive. As the oceans warm, this ecosystem will and can be thrown off balance. All of my patterns used for the cyanotypes, come directly from sketches I have made from hundreds of “beach walks” over the years. This will be an exciting show, that I hope will be seen and loved by all!  Initial prints TBD (about October)

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